Lead generation should be an essential part of the digital marketer’s strategy, as a way to attract, nurture and convert website visitors. As such, there are countless tools the modern marketer can (and should) be using to make this process seamless, effective, and as automated as possible. In short, these tools should be doing the hard work for you. 

Some estimates suggest that without an extra push for engagement, up to 80% of website visitors who stumble upon your page won’t return. And regardless of whether you’re trying to grow your subscriber base, collect emails or convert leads, that’s a lot of lost potential.

WordPress blogs see more than 400 million monthly viewers, which means the plug-ins available are competitively priced, dynamically designed, and developed for a range of specific and broad purposes. 

Read on to find out the key features of 19 WordPress plug-ins that’ll change your lead generation game. 


Type: Form and Pop-up 
Price: $9 – $49 / month

With over one million websites using OptinMonster, it’s clear this plug-in has something going on. It’s designed to increase subscribers and build your email list through clever forms and pop-ups, with templates and OnSite Retargeting. 

Key Features:

  • Interstitials
  • Floating bars
  • Slide-in forms 
  • Real time personalised messaging
  • Useful analytics and split-testing features


Type: ?
Price: €195 – 495 / month

LeadBoxer lets you capture leads from a range of channels in one place, giving you an easy and simple way to collect data, information and insights. It lets you track all digital actions, capture behavioural statistics and segment leads based on a range of filters and built-in algorithms. 

Once you’re ready, LeadBoxer will start collecting warm leads for you. 

Key Features:

  • Enriched firmographic data – leads are matched to database sources
  • Designed with account-based work in mind – leads can be grouped by organisations
  • Profiles, triggers and automatic notifications
  • Insights and analytics 


Type: Scheduling app
Price: 9 – 69USD / month

Cogsworth is an appointment scheduling app that turns visitors into customers, with a conversion-focused booking system with a host of features. You can set up a simple booking page for your business, customise your question prompts, send notifications and reminders, accept payments and lots more. It’s ideal for teams, allowing custom locations, staff working hours and buffers.

You don’t need a plug-in for Cogsworth either, just embed the code and get started. 

Key Features: 

  • Calendar synching with Google or Outlook
  • Automatic time-zone detection
  • Recurring services and appointments
  • Language translation
  • Group and ad hoc bookings
  • Effective design and interface


Type: ?
Price: Free – 89USD

Designed to improve SEO performance, Yoast promises to help you attract more visitors from search engines and social media, increase engagement, and improve your search engine ranking. This is all through a subtle, optimised system that communicates your key information to Google, letting you optimise your listing and enhance your page. 

Key Features:

  • Keyword and meta tag optimisation
  • Indexing
  • Strong content insights
  • Features for small business 
  • Location-based listings 

Thrive Leads

Type: Form
Price: from 19USD / month

The team at Thrive Leads describes this plug-in as the list building solution that’s created by a team of people who are obsessed with conversation optimization [sic]. Essentially, it’s a list building plug-in designed for business growth. 

This add-on offers multiple features in one, so you don’t have to download a range of plug-ins for all of your lead generation activity. 

Key Features:

  • Widgets
  • In-line forms
  • Sticky forms
  • Easy design editor
  • Hyper-targeting 
  • Strong insights and testing 

Bloom by Elegant Themes

Type: Form and Pop-up
Price: 89USD / year – 249USD / lifetime 

Bloom is an email opt-in plug-in that will help you grow your following and subscriber list. It helps you convert by creating highly targeted content-based on demographics, with more than 100 templates to get you started. They offer six display options including:

  1. Automatic Opt-In Pop-Ups
  2. Automatic Opt-In Fly-Ins
  3. In-Line Opt-In Forms
  4. Below Content Opt-In Forms
  5. Widget Area Opt-In Forms
  6. Require Opt-In To Unlock Content 

Key Features:

  • Six effective display options
  • Automatic triggers
  • Integration
  • Split testing
  • Integration with multiple marketing systems including Mailchimp and Salesforce 


Types: Form and Pop-up
Price: 99 – 249USD / year

ConvertPro is a lead generation tool for email opt-ins, designed as a pop-up or opt-in form. It offers an easy drag-and-drop editor, lets you choose from a healthy range of forms and pop-ups, integrates with a whole host of platforms and is mobile optimised.

Key Features: 

  • Multiple form types including ribbons, exit-intents and lightboxes
  • Well-designed templates
  • Pop-up options including age verification and yes/no pop-ups 
  • Simple A/B testing 


Type: Pop-up
Price: 79 – 299USD / year  

MailOptin helps you nurture and convert leads by turning visitors into subscribers. Optimise your email communication with automated and triggered emails, newsletters and follow-up communication. 

Key Features:

  • Lightbox pop-ups 
  • Slide-in boxes
  • Widgets and notification bars
  • Content notifications 
  • Scheduled emails, newsletters and content
  • Exit intent technology
  • Built-in analytics and A/B testing 

Holler Box

Type: Pop-up and Banner
Price: Free – 99USD / year

Holler Box is a pop-up that’s easy to use, designed for the e-commerce store that wants to capture and convert potential customers. 

You can set up notifications, add opt-in pop-ups and header banners and capture emails. Choose from a range of templates and customise messages for optimal conversion.

Key Features: 

  • Simple pop-up format
  • Customisable templates
  • Integrates with Mailchimp, ConvertKit, MailPoet and more
  • Faux chat email capture 
  • Unlimited pop-ups 


Type: ?
Price: Free – 187USD / year

Icegram’s name is based on three pillars: Inspire, Convert and Engage. Their program, likewise, is designed around three key aspects: effective marketing, calls to action and lead capturing. This is done through email marketing campaigns, forms and optimised conversion. 

Key Features:

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Drives customers to the right pages at the right times
  • Onsite marketing campaigns
  • Retargeting, automation and behaviour rules
  • Analytics and testing 


Type: Form
Price: 39.50 – 299.50USD / year 

A favourite for many, this plugin is known for its user-friendly architecture and array of features. It includes a simple drag-and-drop form builder with pre-built templates, letting you streamline your workflow by storing all of your leads in one place. It’s also mobile friendly.

Key Features:

  • Instant notifications
  • Smart conditional logic for high performance and spam protection
  • Easy payments
  • Subscription forms 


Type: Page
Price: 99 – 199USD / year

Developed ‘for marketers and creators’, OptimizePress is a system that lets you create pages and funnels. Set up opt-in pages, easily integrate into your WordPress theme and offer resources and information in exchange for email contacts. 

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop forms
  • Integration with a range of CRM systems
  • Customised designs
  • Conversion-tested templates 


Type: Chat
Price: 16 – 50USD / month

As the name suggests, LiveChat is a customer service platform that enables you to connect directly and efficiently with customers as they enter your website. There are three pillars to this plug-in:

  1. Sales: recommend products in the chat and track sales goals
  2. Support: assist customers, elicit real time feedback and assess customer data
  3. Automate: use the ChatBot feature to set up automatic communication

Key Features:

  • Integrates with over 170 tools
  • Highly automated system
  • Engage with and up-sell to customers
  • Easily available customer data

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

Type: ?
Price: free?

This simple plug-in allows website visitors who comment on your page to sign up for notifications. They can choose to receive email notifications for all or just some posts, and suspend notifications at any time. It also lets you use a double opt-in feature which means users must confirm their subscriptions via email. 

Key Features:

  • Full-featured subscription managers
  • Uses latest WordPress features
  • Double opt-in mechanism
  • Fully customisable messages
  • Localised languages 

Elementor Popup Builder

Type: Page Builder
Price: 49 – 199USD / year

With a clean and intuitive design, this builder is a solution that covers all aspects of your website design workflow. It loads quickly and has a focus on design, with pixel perfect architecture and 100% clean code. You can create eye-catching pop-ups that match your aesthetic and capture and convert leads. 

Key Features:

  • Large number of high-quality templates
  • Customisable pop-ups by design and content
  • Unlimited targeting options tools 
  • Rules, triggers and restrictions 
  • Segmentation 

WP Subscribe 

Type: ?
Price: Free

WP Subscribe lets you build your subscriber list with optimised code that loads quickly. Create your email list efficiently just by installing the plug-in, adding the widget and watching this add-on do its work. 

Key Features:

  • Optimised code
  • All-in-one plug-in which connects to Aweber, FeedBurner and Mailchimp
  • Responsive and customisable design 
  • Compatible with SEO plug-ins 


Type: ?
Price: Free – 299USD / month

Mailchimp is one of the most well-known marketing platforms on the market. Considered an all-in-one solution, it captures contacts easily and gives you the tools to communicate your messaging efficiently. It includes a range of templates and has plenty of useful features to help you increase conversions and drive traffic including automatic social media ads.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built templates 
  • Automation and segments
  • Sign-up forms and landing pages
  • Audience filters 
  • Retargeting 

Twak. To

Type: Live chat
Price: Free

This free live chat plug-in helps you monitor and connect with visitors to your website or app. It takes just one minute to set up and lets you customise the page to your specifications. You can start chatting immediately and track your progress by reviewing communication and assessing analytics. 

You shouldn’t have to pay to chat with the visitors on your own website. They’re your visitors!
Robert, founder

Key Features:

  • Team dashboard
  • Track progress with analytics and chat history
  • Predefined shortcuts 
  • Managed chat available 
  • Customisable visitor widgets 


Type: Form and Pop-ups
Price: 49.95 – 199.95USD / month 

Capture leads and turn them into customers with LeadFox, a tool that combines pop-ups, forms and a landing page builder. You can create drag-and-drop forms and pop-ups with their included templates, and enjoy the responsive design on phones, tablets and computers. 

Key Features: 

  • Landing page builder
  • Professional templates 
  • Automate marketing processes
  • Analysis and testing
  • Email and newsletter builder