Finding the right candidate is difficult, connecting with that candidate is even more difficult – especially if they are really good – others will snap them up!

Let Cogsworth take the friction out of setting up interviews with your team or client. Everything can be automated and synced with calendars. Here’s how:

1. Improve expression of interest to interview conversion rates and delays with automated scheduling. Candidates can schedule time with either you directly using your own private Cogsworth booking page, or with a specific staff member or with any available staff at the time of the candidate’s availability.

2. Add custom questions using our simple drag and drop form builder. that way you can save time by getting answers to basic questions before you meet face to face.

3. Connect to your CRM or external tools to automate your process of collecting data and data-basing your candidates. Use our Zapier integrations and webhooks to connect to your system of choice.

4. Set-up video calls via Zoom or Google Hangouts or any other tool of your choice to setup remote meetings with seamless bandwidth and setup on mobile or desktop.

5. Create appointment reminders to remind both candidates and staff to show up on time and confirm appointments using email or SMS.

6. Send post interview feedback forms using Zapier to garnish feedback from attendees to improve future experiences.